For all breeds and life-stages. Made from 100% freeze-dried raw meat, fruit, vegetables, vitamins & minerals.


All of our premium treats contain the same fresh protein your pet would eat in the wild. Made from freeze-dried raw ingredients.


We've been busy fine-tuning materials, function, aesthetics and every little detail of our products from designers we know and trust.


What is McLovin's

McLovin’s Pet is an all-natural modern pet food brand celebrating healthy-living habits for happy pets and happy owners with the love of Mother Earth. Everything is sourced from the heart with the environment in mind to support your pet’s overall well-being for some good clean living. Made for pets by pet parents.

Why Freeze-Dried Raw?

McLovin’s is formulated with the highest quality ingredients to provide the nutrition that dogs actually need. Freeze-dried raw is the best overall diet for dogs of any breed, in any health condition. Our products are freeze dried with care to maximize the nutrition in every bite, ensuring your dog live a happier, healthier life.

What's in the Treats?

McLovin’s natural treats are made from one simple ingredient. Our careful freeze-drying process preserves flavor, nutrients and freshness, providing a convenient snack for your pet at home or on the go.