McLovin's Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Variety Pack



Give your fur babies the choices they will surely love with McLovin's Freeze Dried Dog Meal Variety Pack. Our freeze-drying techniques lock in the essential vitamins and nutrients needed for a well-balanced diet.Every nibble mimics the raw diets pets would want to eat in the wild.

Why Raw Diet?

  • Boost immunity with a blend of antioxidant rich super foods & animal proteins.
  • Promote digestibility from fiber rich ingredients, prebiotics and probiotics.
  • Support healthy skin & coat with high quality animal proteins, oil and acid.
  • Provide concentrated source of energy with muscle-building proteins, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates.
  • Help weight management with high quality protein as the first ingredient to promote strong muscles & healthy heart; Added healthy carbohydrate sources keep your dog feeling fuller for longer and boost energy throughout the day.

Feeding Tip

Rehydrate the meal before your fur baby consumes the food. It's recommend 2:1 water to food ratio for optimal well-being.