McLovin's Beef Liver Freeze Dried Raw Meal Topper For Dog


Why We Trust Freeze Drying?

Unlike heavy processing, freeze-drying delicately removes moisture while retaining full nourishing goodness and meaty succulence. 

Raw and Succulent Beef Liver

Iron-rich organ meat that doggies adore! Bursting with vigorous proteins, zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B, and D.

With Highly Digestible Low Fat Goat Milk

Great for digestion, skin, strong muscles, and shiny fur coats. Locally sourced from happy goats.

57% High-Quality Protein

Since a little raw goes a long way, our dog kibble topper is a potent promoter of greater stamina, healthy digestion, appetite, teeth, gums, joints, tendons, and immune system, while making meals extra palatable and mouthwatering.

Picky Pets Crave for It

It turns stubborn eaters into bowl-licking angels. No small, medium or large dog breed of any age resists this explosion of gourmet beef liver tastiness. 

    Feeding Tip

    This beef liver meal topper is intended for supplemental feeding only.