It’s always a good time to celebrate your love for your fur babies! Tell them how much you value their love, companionship, and time together. To help jumpstart the perfect dates, we’ve rounded up some pet-friendly activities that will bond you even closer together.

Din Din

As not all restaurants allow pets inside, try to source and support a local pet-friendly restaurant that allows pets outside or on their patio. If you’re not having any luck, you could always recreate a lady and the tramp moment at home. 

Wine Tasting

Wine is a treat for humans, and though it’s not good for our pets, some wineries allow pets, making it an amazing activity to celebrate the love you have with them by your side. Call ahead of time to reserve a special tasting or dedicated spot, and make sure you bring along some McLovin’s pet freeze dried dog treats to make it extra loveable for them.

Go Shop Indoor Activities Ping

Show your fur babies how much you care by hitting the mall or your favorite eCommerce site like to gather all the premium dog treats, toys, and supplies your pets will thank you for.

premium pet treats

Take a Hike

Hiking is one of the all-time best date activities, and it’s easy to include your pets. Strap them up in a daypack, stroller, or on a leash and take on the journey together. Don’t forget plenty of water, a blanket, and an umbrella for some shade as you hit the trails in stride.

Schedule a Play Date

Round up the troops and invite your pet’s besties and pet parents over for a fun playdate filled with food and activities to celebrate in your backyard or a park. They can have fun with their friends, and you can catch up with your pals – such a win-win!

QT Time

One of the best ways to celebrate the love of your family is with some quiet time at home, on the couch, in the kitchen, or in your cozy bed. It’s been proven that pets are great stress relievers and help them relax. Schedule a date with your pets and dedicate some extra cuddle time together.