McLovin’s Massage Brush for Dogs and Cats



Pamper fuzzy friends with the most enjoyable pet massager ever! Premium silicone tips glide through fur like a charm to delicately massage coats, remove gunk/dead hair. The massage brush head is a dream for brushing, combing, washing, or distributing shampoo evenly; it simultaneously stimulates the skin, frees fur from dust, and detangles pup’s/kitten’s coat for a shiny look.

Care: After grooming, rinse the brush for with water & remove the collected hair.


All DogsMcLovin’s Massage Brush for Dogs and Cats

Reasons To Love

Multi-functional tools for grooming, massaging and deshedding for pets of all hair types.

Skin-friendly materials & anti-scratch designs that won’t hurt their skin or your hands.

Smart, Cute, Compact!