McLovin's Doggy Doo Bag Dispenser with LED Light




McLovin’s doggie poop bags dispenser stores and when nature calls, releases clean poopy packs for quick, easy pick-ups.
  • Built-in Flashlight - Our bag dispenser for dogs’ LED light with Type C port rechargeable battery lights up the path on night walks, guiding the way AND making sure you get all the icky stuff.
  • Sturdy Clip-on Lanyard – Our perfectly-sized doggy poop bags holder is small and lightweight. Just attach/hang the multi-functional dog bag dispenser with flashlight onto the lead, belt loops, keys, or backpack, and go!
  • Bonus: 45 Earth-Friendly Dog Waste Bags – Worried about running out of bags too soon? Each poop bags dispenser holder includes 3 rolls of leak-proof ECO poop bags; enough for 45 clean-ups.
  • Cost-effective & Thoughtfully Designed in the USA 

TravelMcLovin's Doggy Doo Bag Dispenser with LED Light

Reasons To Love

Fresh Air Supply for Easy Breathing 

To secure optimal airflow, our cute pet carrier bag has side air outlets boosted by a 3V fan. 

Spacious Submarine Carrier

Arc-shaped walls allow pets to sleep or roll freely on the soft padding.

TravelMcLovin's Doggy Doo Bag Dispenser with LED Light

Reasons TO LOVE

Unique Smart Features 

Comes with a secure latch and furry buddies can enjoy the view through the clear door; the built-in 0.27L food bowl keeps bellies full on the go.

Battery-powered Night Light 

Tap on the cat backpack carrier bubble’s soft led control button to slowly illuminate the interior.