National Pet Month is here and it’s the perfect reminder to keep your fur babies top-of-mind and show them the appreciation they deserve now and all summer long! Nearly 70% or about 85 million American households have pets; it’s no wonder we dedicate a whole month to our loved ones!

We’re on a mission at McLovin’s Pet to celebrate modern healthy-living habits with your beloved pets each day. To help kick-off and celebrate this special month, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite activities courtesy of Merlin McLovin, our adopted mascot for all you pet parents to create more love and healthy relationships with your pets.

1. Petful Adventures

Your furry friend should be getting regular exercise daily – and this means different things for different pets. National Pet Month offers an opportunity to take your furry family member on an extra-special adventure. Take them on a long car ride, a special hike, or explore a new park, and they might want to spend a few hours safely prowling the backyard or bird watching from the window. Whatever you decided to do, make it two paws up!

2. Pet Zen Time

Planning an extra special visit to the local pet spa or groomer is just another way to celebrate your pet for National Pet Month. Give them the joy of getting pampered, groomed, and a good clean feeling to put a little pep in their step. Even a nice bath at home – may be followed by a special blow-dry – would be such a treat.

3. Pet Presents, Oh My

It’s no surprise we spoil our special fur babies from time to time but what’s a celebration without some special gifts from the heart? Dogs, cats and the like can all appreciate a brand new chew toy or even better a homemade one. Or how about their favorite bag of McLovin’s Freeze-Dried treats or pet accessories you’ve been eyeing? Why not get a few and spread the love throughout the month to show them just how much you care.

Freeze-Dried treats

4. Snap It Up

Think about flipping the script and let your favorite furry friends snap their own pictures living their normal lives. Set up your cameras, Go-Pros, Nest cameras, or even your phone around their favorite hiding spots to catch them in action. You never know what you might uncover or learn about your special friends. Print the photos to frame around the house or use an HP Sproket at-home printer to stick your favorite memories where you can see them the most or if want to get really creative, assemble a coffee table book to have on display for when you have a pet playdate or just want to show off to your loved one. Even better, now could be the time to set up that dedicated Instagram or TikTok account you’ve been toying with!

5. Netflix and Chill

Get cozy and watch some pet-themed movies and/or shows with your fur babies. Create a zen-like experience on the couch or in bed with some treats for just you and your pets. What a special way to bond together and watch your pets react to seeing other animals.

6. Keep em Sharp

What better way to show you appreciate your pet than to pass the time with them and strengthen your pet’s problem-solving skills. You can do that in a number of ways by creating an obstacle course (either indoors or outdoors) for your dog, or building an indoor playground for your cat using cardboard boxes and other household items. Another way is to play hide and seek with either your hiding or hiding their favorite treat for just a few minutes a day to keep it interested. Lastly, food and treat puzzles are the perfect exercises for your pet’s brain. These exercises are a great way to help them learn and advance their skills and of course, get rewarded.

7. All the Tricks!

Teaching your pet a new trick is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your special fur baby. The trick could be something simple, like sit or stay, or something more complex that might take the whole month to learn. The trick training is about positive reinforcement and bonding so spending together will demonstrate your love for them.

8. Made with Love

Making healthy treats at home is a fun way to show your pet how much you care. You can make delicious ones using wholesome and animal-friendly ingredients and can adapt most recipes to your furry friend’s tastes and preferences. Top it off and put them in a handmade jar with your pet’s paw on it!

There is nothing better than a wagging tail, a gleeful meow, or a jingling collar to greet and lick you each day.
No matter how you celebrate National Pet Month, your fur baby will just be just as happy you are spending some extra loving time with them throughout the month!

October 03, 2023 — McLovin's Pet