🐾 The Fat Dog: This North Hollywood gastropub has a dog-friendly patio and even has dog-themed decor and menu items.
🐾 Blue Dog Beer Tavern: Located in Sherman Oaks, this spot is not only pet-friendly but also has a dog-inspired name and theme.
🐾 Park Bench Cafe: Situated in Huntington Beach, it offers a specialized "Canine Cuisine" menu, ensuring your pet has some tasty options to enjoy.
🐾 Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar: With multiple locations across L.A., Lazy Dog welcomes pets on their patio and even offers a special menu for dogs.
🐾 The Morrison: This Atwater Village pub has a pet-friendly patio and a special dog menu, making it a popular choice among dog owners.
🐾 Ashland Hill: Located in Santa Monica, it has a dog-friendly patio where you can enjoy a meal with your pup.

🐕 Always call ahead to confirm that the restaurant’s pet-friendly policy remains in effect, especially due to possible changes related to public health guidelines.
🐶 Ensure your dog is comfortable and well-behaved in public settings to ensure a pleasant dining experience for everyone.
🐩Always bring a leash and consider bringing a portable water bowl and some treats for your pup.

October 06, 2023 — McLovin's Pet